Proud to be developers of Apps Launched by MOE

In Conjunction with Fiesta Bahasa at National Library on 12 August

Trusted by Schools & MOE Curriculum Planning Department

to develop over 18 Educational mobile apps as well as over 50 eLearning packages in the newly minted Student Learning Systems (SLS) Portal.

Our Services


Educational Apps

Our diverse educational  expertise enables us to develop feature-rich, high-quality projects that combines a good balance of fun and content that result in authentic learning.

Productivity Apps

Not having a mobile app is something your business cannot afford. We provide Android and iOS solutions that make your product accessible to millions of mobile users.

Asset Sighting

Determining what you have and what is missing and provide detailed Asset Sighting reports certifying the correct number and type of assets held in the department.

Support & Maintenance

Provide regular maintenance & support for 3rd party turnkey projects which include performance upgrades, integrations & migrations.

Cessation Programs

Over 4  years back to back training for HPB Substance Abuse Department in collaboration with SPF & NAVY.

At Risk Programs

Youth at risk training in various formats ranging from a daily community drop in to youth training in schools & homes.

Our Apps

Developed from ground up with your needs at the forefront

Tembok Kata

If you like crossword words or word games, then you will love Tembok Kata, a fun and unique spin on traditional Malay crossword puzzle according to Kamus Dewan Bahasa.

Teka Peribahasa

Applications that introduce Malay proverbs through a “guess the picture” gameplay. This application uses abstract images to illustrate meanings of proverbs in a creative way.

Buah Nusantara

Applications that introduce fruits archipelago through an interesting method mirroring Fruit Ninja style gameplay. This application uses images to illustrate the meaning of fruits.

Fault Report App (User)

User able to report faults of facilities to the school via logins.  User able to capture photo of fault found and submit for follow up by Administrators.

NTA Taxi App

NTA StepUp Challenge uses Bluetooth pedometer.  StepUp App users able to track daily: 1) Number of steps 2) Calories burned 3) Distance walked 4) Time spent on walking

Fault Report App (Administrator)

This Fault Report Management App can be used by  Administrative Staff to manage all fault reports. Ability to generate reports and do simple analysis.

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